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Pam's application (if it's not too late)
by fictiondevil (fictiondevil)
at July 19th, 2006 (03:02 pm)

Name: Pam
Age: 14 (turning 15 soon!!!)
Gender: female

Likes: Sports, Kinnikuman, Ultimate Muscle, Music, Internet, MSNing
Dislikes: alarm clocks, annoying people, mean people, needles, math, science, and my old science teacher
Hobbies: Writing, sports(XP), playing video games, annoying my brother

Strong Points: Normally happy and nice (that is unless you annoy me to no end), kind, and energetic... unless I'm sick then I'm just dead.
Weak Points: Can be mean if provoked (that sounded like some discovery channel thing...), stressed a lot of the time, a little vain, and school....

Seigi/Justice, Akuma/Demon, Zangyaku/Cruel and Kanpeki/Perfect. Which would you LIKE to join on pure first impressions alone? Which side's values appeal to you? Which side's values do not appeal to you? [if none for the third part, just enter n/a for this question] First Part: Akuma
Second Part: Seigi because I don't really like to hurt innocent people.
Third Part: ....... n/a

What kind of ability would you like if you were in the Kinnikuman world? Hmm... I dunno... if I could like heave ice or summon fire something like that, that would be pretty cool but other then that I don't know...

Your favourite Kinnikuman character, and why: Robin/Kevin mask ^^;
Your least liked Kinnikuman character, and why: Mantaro he's just kinda annoying
Your favourite pairing, and why: Kevin/Croe just 'cause
Which character do YOU think you're most like and why: ummmm..... Checkmate, I guess, because of the Shakespeare thing... (blame my school) I'll randomly start talking in Skakespearean

Tell us anything you like about your personality and yourself: I'm loud, proud and don't really care about what anyone else thinks about me, and I brighten other peoples days when they're sad.

Post a picture, or describe what you look like:
(the one on the right with the hair in the face is me and the "thing" nect to me is my brother.. sorry this is the best pic I could find)


Posted by: Jenny (jennyrogue)
Posted at: July 20th, 2006 10:21 am (UTC)

Hm... I think you're a mix between Kinnikuman and Terryman. But I'm leaning more towards Terryman for your strong/weak points.

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