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niku_stamping's Journal

.:. A Kinnikuman Stamping Community .:.
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Welcome to niku_stamping. This is a character stamping community for the anime series Kinnikuman and its sequuel Kinnikuman Nisei. You type out an application form, post it, and then the members decide which character you are most like. Once you have been stamped, you may help stamp other newer members. :)

The mantainer here is jennyrogue

[1] You must join the community to be stamped/vote.
[2] Do not flame other members.
[3] Since this community is new, once you've posted your application, you must vote for others, even if you have not been stamped yet.
[4] Please don't lie on your application JUST to be a certain character. Just be yourself.
[5] Don't get upset if you get a character you don't like, you can always reapply if you like.
[6] If you want a character from either first generation or second generation, say so. If you don't, we'll assume you don't mind either generation.

[1] When rating someone, try and stick to the main characters of the series (1st: Kinnikuman, Meat, Terryman, Ramenman, Robin Mask, Warsman, Brocken Jr, Buffaloman, Ashuraman, Sunshine, The Ninja, Akuma Shogun, Neptuneman, Big the Budo, Marie, Natsuko, Bibinba, Super Phoenix, Mariposa, Soldier/Ataru. 2nd: Mantaro, Terry the Kid, Seuichin, Gazelleman, Rinko, Kevin Mask, Checkmate, Jade, Mars, Ilioukhine, Barrier-Free Man, Jacqueline) However, I know that there are many characters in the series, and if someone's app strongly shows one of the lesser characters, an exception will be made.
[2] Explanations for character choosings are good.
[3] No flaming! Please.
[4] After either a certain time, or if you've got a certain number of votes, you will be stamped as the character with the majority.



[01] ms_kinnikufan ~ Wally
[02] croeski ~ Lord Flash
[03] jennyrogue ~ Kinnikuman
[04] fredmonster ~ Mantaro
[05] marseskara ~ Jeager
[06] shi_the_cat ~ Natsuko
[07] fictiondevil ~ Roxanne
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